Understanding your WHY is where we start.Your organization and your vision is what matters and provides the key ingredients.


To develop, leverage and connect internal efficiencies and capabilities for external impact and overall success, creating more satisfying and efficient workplace dynamics in the process.

Beginning with her experience  in the fields of accounting and financial management, where she observed that additional ways to measure the performance of the nonprofit organization are vitally required, Rhonda has developed proven approaches that bring effective operational and strategic practices to client situations.


Understanding the Values, Mission and situation of your organization is where our work always begins. When your organization’s objectives and concerns converge with our understanding and approaches, a magical collaboration is created.  See here for more on that.

One of our primary values: working towards worthwhile goals is not enough if the environment is filled with strife and the efforts cause pain or breakdown within the team. Your culture and practices can be shaped to eliminate  workplace misery.

Being Better is an Inside Job.

Please contact Rhonda to contribute your inspiration, insight, perspective or other valuable information.

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