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We Develop, Leverage and Connect critical capabilities and key resources for external impact and overall success, while energizing and nurturing systems and humans in the process. 

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Enneagram: three good descriptors

We offer an Enneagram-focused Training and Coaching program for organizations of all kinds: to build unity, emphasize positive organizational citizenship, improve relationships, increase understanding and improve communications. In addition, our Leadership Development program includes a customized personal development component. See here for the services page. Here are are three good descriptions of the Enneagram: 1. … Continue reading Enneagram: three good descriptors

Installment 2, Ethics in Practice: Why it Matters

I was engaged in various capacities at several unique organizations, all of which provided a wealth of learning in the arenas of management, leadership and ethics. As I emphasized earlier, these were and are solid organizations, led by good people, with good programs, providing valuable–sometimes exceptional–community services. However, in all cases, the viability of each … Continue reading Installment 2, Ethics in Practice: Why it Matters

Essential Conversation

There is a very popular book that is widely utilized in organizations: “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when Stakes are High” by Kerry Patterson,  Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler. This is a great book; we should all be reading it regularly.  In some organizations, this valuable text is required reading, and every staff person is provided a … Continue reading Essential Conversation

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