Garden Hill Consulting…


….facilitates  the development and implementation
of effective management practices in business and organizational settings……

So that:

  • Social Impact is increased
  • Adaptive Capacity is increased
  • Overall performance, staff satisfaction, and effectiveness are improved

    …………It all comes down to tending and nurturing,
    so that your efforts are fruitful.

Welcome to the professional practice of Rhonda S. Magee.


I delve—with precision—into your specific situation from any of three unique,
and well-practiced specialties:

Performance Management

  • Performance and impact metrics
  • Program evaluation
  • Social Impact studies
  • Multi-level approaches

Organizational Development

  • Leadership and management strategies focused on organizational performance
  • Human resources, structures, team development, and training
  • Change and transition management
  • Planning and Strategy

Financial Management

  • Accounting and financial management
  • Financial leadership and strategic planning


Unique advantages of my broad perspective:

  • Considerations and indirect effects that might not otherwise be obvious will surface more quickly
  • My understanding of the various systems allows for better integration and coordination of a single project within the greater whole
  • Clients do not need to engage multiple consultants  when a variety of issues are to be addressed

See more here: About me and about the work…..

The blog , Garden Hill Views, is the platform for musings, thoughts, information and insights that might be of some value.

I collaborate with other professionals whenever practical and possible, building a team to deliver the project,  hence the use of “we” in many of the comments herein.