Staff Bio

Rhonda S Magee

Much of my 25+ year career has been in the nonprofit sector and/or in financial management and  accounting.  I earned a MS degree in Nonprofit Management through Regis University in 2013, and I now engage with organizations in broad and systematic ways to improve, manage and measure effectiveness of organizations at all life stages.

I am inspired by and contribute best results when I engage with the people behind the numbers and those who produce the data points. What I’ve learned:

  1. People matter first and foremost.
  2. Balance is essential to Thrivery.  Everything in balance, all the time.

You may view my MageeCV Sept2015

Rhonda Magee
Rhonda Magee

I collaborate with other professionals whenever practical and possible, hence the use of “we” in many of the comments herein.

My academic papers and anything I publish are shared through the site: You can see my work here.

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