How We Work


Our work is flexible and easily structured to the client need:

  •  projects on a contract basis,
  • consulting/advisory services under consulting engagements.

Engaged services are provided by Rhonda Magee, or by a consortium of skilled professionals  assembled for each project based on project requirements. If our diagnosis indicates a need we cannot meet, we will refer you to another consultant—we are familiar with  many excellent options.

Contact us here.

Contracts and Consulting Projects for clients have  included:

Governance and leadership: development and training

Interim Leadership/Transition management

Leadership Coaching

Accounting and Financial Management and Reporting

International Development projects

Business planning and Board development plans

Cash Flow planning related to Capital Campaign revenues and credit lines

Dash Board (effectiveness-based) reporting processes

IT evaluation, management and oversight

Data Management: planning and process

Program Evaluation; Outcomes Measurements

Team Building programs and facilitation

Organizational Performance metrics and reporting

Fund development planning

Operational Process Design and Implementation

Cash flow modeling and Budgeting

Organizational Design/Development

Marketing Plan Design

Human Resource management, policy and process development

Succession and Transition Planning and Implementation

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