Communication in Business

It is sometimes the practice of business and nonprofit leaders to take the approach that “It is not personal, it is just business.”

You might see this is an issue if you consider that businesses and organizations are nothing if not a collection of human beings working towards a common goal, and each one of them has personal needs and viewpoints—none of which can be ignored. If we want the entity to be a profitable and impactful enterprise, success requires an organizational atmosphere and culture of trust. And interestingly, Trust is a human characteristic and is always founded upon the personal level. “Do I trust this person, or does this person trust me?”  So, it is the personal level that allows the trust to flourish. It flourishes—just like my beloved garden in my backyard—when we know the other sees us fully, hears us and we can hear them.

I delve further here, in a piece on Being Heard.

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