Ethics in Nonprofit Practice

If you’ve worked in the professional accounting field, you know that through the lens of “the books”, you can see just about everything, including the dark underbelly of the business and its systems. Situations I encountered seem to point to some ethical breakdowns, so I thought it might be time for a reminder of why ethical practices matter, and what the societal costs can be when ethical standards are lowered. This serves as a great launch pad for related discussions of justice, equity and where ethics fitshutterstock_378312253 in a diverse society. In light of the current political discourse, the timing is perfect!

I hope to engage readers in dialogue on related matters as this series of articles unfolds. I figure that if I have noticed these concerns, others are struggling as well. I also assume that the best organizations see themselves as learning organizations and embrace self-reflection and regular examination of practices. It is in the spirit of inquiry and learning that this examples and situations are presented. I encourage you to dissect them for your understanding.

Installment 1:

Read more Here.


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