Possibility in Daily Life

Staying true to our course, whatever that might be can only happen when we are grounded in possibility, not previous wounds or the mountain of challenges in front of us. Of course that mountain is going to seem even more insurmountable if you are not tapping into that which keeps your soul enriched and your reserves replenished. (Taking us right back to the previous point: approaching with optimism that which is very difficult is made possible through the practices of self-care and creating.)

I also consider possibility through another lens, that of personality. I am preparing to begin a year-long certification course as an Enneagram practitioner. The Enneagram is a powerful tool of personality type and understanding for growth and transformation. I am excited to develop new ways to use the Enneagram in the workplace.  It is clear to me that we all limit ourselves and our potential by predictably and fiercely clinging—sometimes compulsively—onto our preferred modes of behavior and thinking.

In The Art of Possibility by Rosamond Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander, the central self is described as “the remarkably generative, prolific, and creative nature of ourselves…” They go on to describe the transformation of the personality, originally formed as a childhood survival mechanism: “If we were to design (there is creativity again) a new voyage to carry us from our endless childhood into the bright realm of possibility, we might want to steer away from a hierarchical environment and aim for the openness and reciprocity of a level playing field—away from a mind-set of scarcity and deficiency and toward an attitude of wholeness and sufficiency.  We might even describe human development as the ongoing reconstruction of the calculating self (where competition and barriers reside) toward the rich, free, compassionate and expressive world of the central self.”

Personal practices and personal development that allows for our highest, central self to surface might create greater, more profound possibility for our teams, organizations and the world where there is still a lot of work to do.  This is one primary reason I am so excited to bring Enneagram work to my practice.

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