Garden Hill Consulting…


            ….Helping organizations and individuals thrive, blossom and grow.

So that:

  • Social Impact is increased
  • Adaptive Capacity is increased
  • Overall performance and profitability are increased
  • Leaders and staff experience is life-giving, rather than soul depleting

    ……….It’s about tending and nurturing,
    so that your efforts are fruitful and painless

Welcome to the professional practice of Rhonda S. Magee.


I delve—with precision—into your specific situation from any of three unique,
and well-practiced specialties:

Performance Measurements

  • Performance and impact metrics
  • Program evaluation
  • Social Impact studies
  • Multi-level approaches

Operations and Organizational Strategies

  • Management/Team-building strategies
  • Human resources and structure designs
  • Leadership development
  • Humane workplace in which real and authentic people can thrive
  • Change and transition management
  • Planning, Strategy and Development
  • Feasibility analysis

Financial Management

  • Accounting and financial management
  • Financial leadership and strategic planning
  • Cash Modeling
  • Process Improvement


We Develop, Leverage and Connect internal capabilities for external impact and overall success, and help make your team’s efforts more satisfying in the process:
We Improve Results while reducing Pain.

See more here: About me and about the work…..

The blog , Garden Hill Views, is the platform for musings, thoughts, information and insights that might be of some value.

I collaborate with other professionals whenever practical and possible, building a team to deliver the project,  hence the use of “we” in many of the comments herein.