Door to the new world.
“Come Through”, definition: Succeed in achieving desired goal after adversity; Reach; Arrive; Succeed; also, Brit speak for “come on in” (ala Doc Martin as patient’s enter with caution or trepidation into his office).

Any stint as a nonprofit staffer is going to provide new grist-for-the-wheel, new learnings to process and a fair amount of fatigue to be reversed. Sometimes it is just time to open some new doors and maybe a few windows, too.

With significant learnings and accomplishments added to the toolkit (or is it a doctor’s bag?), I  am putting together some new programs and strategies to help organizations effectively evolve, grow and deliver results.

Here are some things I am pondering,  for the sake of my own endeavors surely, but perhaps applicable to yours as well.

Creativity and Self-Care

Making time, space and intention for radical self-care and the life-giving tonic of creative living are essential, regardless of your work, your sector or your station in life. My friends working in nonprofits encounter a seemingly endless list of wrongs to be righted, playing fields to be leveled, glass ceilings to be shattered, projections to be exceeded, and suffering to be healed and alleviated. Families, organizations and entire countries are facing shortages of critical resources and energy reserves.  It should be no secret that the need for self-care and generative aspects of creative living are vital to keeping the talents and energies of dedicated change-makers, busy do-ers, and survivors fully engaged and effective. read more..


Staying true to our course, whatever that might be can only happen when we are grounded in possibility, not previous wounds or the mountain of challenges in front of us. Of course, that mountain is going to seem even more insurmountable if you are not tapping into that which keeps your soul enriched and your reserves replenished. (Taking us right back to the previous point: approaching with optimism that which is very difficult is made possible through the practices of self-care and creating.) read more

Change, Urgency, and Capacity

As Change in organizations becomes a matter of normalcy, as opposed to episodic, developing competencies for change management is more essential than ever. I find it interesting that there is a lot of theory in the world of organizational development regarding the essential elements of initiating change. read more…

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